Thursday, May 19, 2011

Final Assignment in Advanced Print Making

As our final assignment, we were each allowed to choose four cards from a standard deck of playing cards and required to create a design for it, so that between us, we would generate an entire deck of cards.  As Mr. Skaggs was talking about them, he said, "Take the 2 of diamonds.  It's not a very interesting card, but if you try, someone could make something pretty cool with it."  And as he was opening the deck that we would use as the size guide for making ours, I thought it would be an awesome idea to have one card from each suite.

Then I decided I'd take that 2 of diamonds...and all the other 2s as well.  Once I had them, I laughed-- I had "Noah's Ark"-- two by two (;  Once I had that idea, I decided to incorporate that into my cards as well.

The first thing that I did was look up the history of the playing cards, other symbols that were used to represent them and what they meant.  It turns out that historically, each suite was assigned an element, so I decided to put alchemical symbols representing the given element around the edge of each card:  earth, air, fire or water.  I also decided that I would put the name of each card on the card in the upper right across from the top number, and my signature in the bottom left across from the bottom number.

My first idea was for the 2 of diamonds.  I decided to call it "Diamonds on the soles of her shoes" and make a bellydancer/ ballet dancer in coins (an older symbol used for diamonds) and a tu-tu (2-2).  To keep with my 'Noah' theme, I placed 2 camels in the background.
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Then I worked on the 2 of hearts.  I decided to put to -harts- on there, as well as 2 lovers entwined walking them, under a linden tree-- a tree in ancient times that lovers would swear their fidelity under.  I titled it "Two Harts Entwined Eternal" as the harts' leashes are tangled, and the lovers will forever be in an embrace.

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 For my third card, the 2 of clubs, I decided to play on the different meaning of 'club'.  Clubs is considered the agricultural suite.  The birds are kestrels in a olive tree, a sign of fertility and harvest, while beneath them, two women are gardening.  I titled it "The Second Meeting of the Gardener's Club".

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 And my final card was the 2 of spades.  Spades is the suite of warriors, so I knew that I wanted soldiers and war horses-- I chose Samuri.  And they are playing the game of Spades.  I titled my last card, "Call A Spade A Spade".

Now available for purchase through society 6.
Once everyone created their cards, Mr. Skaggs loaded them into the computer and generated an -awesome- poster!

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