Monday, May 23, 2011

Digital Books

After attending my kindergartner's end of year program


I brought my boy home for the day.  Only seemed right, as he would otherwise have been one of three children staying (;  The first thing we did was stop at Wal-Mart and buy him a new bird feeder.  His previous one was broken irreparably by squirrels.  It turns out that the new one he chose is called, "Squirrel Proof"... we'll see how it works.  I'm hoping it doesn't turn out to also be -bird- proof.

There's a spring that is weight activated, so if 'enough' weight is put on it, the outside cage moves down and makes it impossible to reach into the feeding area.  I'm thinking that enough birds can easily weigh the same as a squirrel, but I might just be pessimistic.

Then he got to complete a level of Lego Indiana Jones and we watched the movie, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull".  When it was over, I told him it was nap time (they normally take one at kindergarten), and he asked me join him.

And this is where the title of the blog actually comes from.  I went to sleep and started dreaming about when I was a kid and how much enjoyment I got from going through my Mother's college dictionary and complete Encyclopedia set.  I remember learning about Aardvarks and Ant eaters, Volcanoes and the tallest mountains.  I'm absolutely certain that my hours spent gleeful browsing through these books is where my fleeting wealth of random knowledge came from (;  It made Jeopardy! one of my all time favorite game shows.

And in my dream, I was introducing my boys to the joys of the Encyclopedia Britannica-- complete on a single nook.  With a little research at, it turns out to be available quite cheaply!

Now -that- would be an excellent reason to have a nook/kindle!

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