Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Raven and The Serpent

In conceptual drawing I worked my way through several of Aesop's Fables.  This assignment was what Mr. Skaggs called, "Nuclear Steampunk" -- combining both the ideas of steam and mechanical technology with nuclear technology.  I used the fable of the Raven and the Serpent.

I decided that the serpent would represent nuclear.  His venom are 2 atomic bombs and across his skin, as his scale pattern, are different atomic/ atomic related symbols.

I decided that my Raven would represent steampunk.  His heart is a clock with a key that controls it, gears under his left wing and a cyborg like plate around his right eye.

Detail on the gears and the clock-- which at at the 11th hour, as the raven's time has run out
Detail on the key, which is being pulled out by the serpent-- who now bears the key to the Raven's life
And so I share with you Aesop's Fable:

A raven in great want o food saw a Serpent asleep in a sunny nook, and flying down, greedily seized him.  The Serpent, turning about, bit the Raven with a mortal wound.  In the agony of death, the bird exclaimed: "O unhappy me!  who have found in that which I deemed a happy windfall the source of my destruction."

The finished piece:


"The Raven and the Serpent" pen and ink, water color, ink wash, and colored pencil.
Prints and other merchandise available here.

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