Thursday, May 19, 2011

Return of the Geisha

 A large portion of advanced print making was dedicated to screen printing.  Our final screen printing assignment had to be a minimum of 4 colors, with registry (meaning that things line up and you have to know where everything goes to get them to do so).  I decided that I was going to revisit the geishas that I made in screen printing one original geisha prints  but add an intricate background and more detail.

This is my screen, ready to be printed.
 I have to admit-- absolutely LOVE this new screens!  They allow for intricate little details.  Looking back on it though, I would have been better off NOT putting them all on the screen at the same time.  I had to use contact paper to block sections off... a -lot-...

But the end result turned out like I had hoped:

I also took a picture with the flash, hoping to catch the sparkle of the gold coloring in the dragon on the fan and in the green in the background:

In the end, I ran 15 prints of it and decided not to run the other geisha.

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