Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snake Nightmares

I woke up several time in the night from having snake nightmares.  I've had them off and on all my life.  Fortunately, not terribly frequently.

They are always one of two themes.  In the first, I dream that a vast multitude of snakes

are trying to make their way into whatever building I am in.

I'm sure it didn't help that I learned at 6 that they could climb up walls.

The other dream, and the one that I had progressing through last night, features a single snake.  Sometimes, it's huge.

which makes it -really- hard to get away from.

But the more terrifying nightmares are actually when the snakes are quite small.

Because tiny snakes are easy to overlook.  And can get in through the cracks in windows...and under doors.

So in the dream last night, I avoided stepping on the little snake with bare feet in the yard (I've -actually- stepped on little snakes in our yard with shoes on), only to find it in my kitchen (where I've periodically come across little lizards and taken them back outside).

In these particular dreams, I am always bitten.

Okay, it's not really that traumatic.  I'm usually bit in the hand.

But in the dreams, I am absolutely certain that the snake is poisonous and I have to bring it with me to the emergency room.

So that they can identify it properly.  I have never yet, in a single one of these dreams, successfully made it to being treated with anti-venom.

Sometimes, I can't catch the snake and the poison acts too quickly.

Sometimes, I can't drive and hold on to the snake at the same time.

Sometimes, the snake grows larger as I hold it, and it fights back to get away, getting stronger as it goes.

Sometimes, I make it to the emergency room.  And one of two things happen.  Either they absolutely freak out about having a live, poisonous snake brought in and it's an entire hospital pandemonium dream sequence.

(sans all the zombie killing...)

Or they don't have anti-venom at my hospital and I'll be dead before they can get it from another hospital.

Fortunately, I have always woken up before it killed me.  Unfortunately, when I have snake nightmares, it's a variety of them throughout the entire night.

There are many interpretations of snakes in dreams-- but you have to bear in mind that what it means depends on the person dreaming.  I was born in the year of the snake, so I tend to think of them as a representation of me-- getting in my own way, be it procrastination or doubt or simply not getting started.

So I'm figuring I endured a night of rough sleep as my minds way of telling me it's time to take care of my room and start preparing for visiting family this summer.

...That, or I should watch out for snakes... (;


  1. Oh. My. God. I have these dreams, too. And I think you are very brave to even post the pictures.(I had to put my feet up on the chair, and I notice my toes are curled under, perhaps permanently.) If I dream about snakes tonight, I am going to know why. YIKES.

    1. All. the. time. (lol) I hope you managed to sleep peacefully despite my snake nightmares (:


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