Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello, my name is Janin and I have an addiction

Okay, I actually have two, but they're related in two ways:  They're both games on facebook, and both from PopCap:  Zuma Blitz and Bejeweled Blitz.

I've been playing Bejeweled Blitz since 2009.  I even have an art related video to share about it in just a moment.  When I took Time and Space in Fall 2009, one of the projects was to make a video from pictures of something that happens in 60 seconds or something that you do every day.  For me, Bejeweled Blitz actually fit both of those requirements.  So here's the video I made for class:

I was quite proud of my score at the time: 358, 900.  It was my highest.  I was proud of the video as well...but I didn't realize there are programs out there that let you just record your screen while playing a game, so I got a deserved B on the project.

Here's my latest screen for Bejeweled Blitz:

Easily twice my score from 2 years ago, though Bejeweled Blitz has undergone a lot of changes since then that make it easier to play.  What it isn't showing is that I have 1,784,300 coins to buy special powers.  The first time I saved up coins to a million, I wanted to know if the game would let me do it.  Obviously, it did.  The second, I did it because there's an option listed for 'share coins'.  I didn't realize until after I attempted to share them that you don't actually get to use coins that you've earned, but that they want you to spend real world money on game coins-- and that's not something that I'm willing to do, no matter how much I like my friends.

My husband Mark constantly teases me about this game because he doesn't see the point in playing it.  For me, it's a combination of things: 1.  Trying to beat my friends for first position ((:  2.  Trying to beat my own score.  (I'm still trying to reach 1,000,000.  It hasn't happened yet, but I'm getting closer.)  And 3. Trying to make matches as quickly as I can.

Earlier this year, PopCap released Zuma Blitz.  It's right up my alley because it's a combination of speed and matching-- with the added bonus of adding additional time if you play it right.  It's -much- easier to reach a million.  But it only has 80 levels.  Once I'd completed all 80, I wasn't as interested in playing it.  But recently, they added an option that allows you to start back over and work your way back up to 80.  It gives you a special blue box around your picture.  And today, I reached level 80 again.

Still have the joy of competing for first spot and still get to do the major wracking up of 'mojo' that isn't being used.

The only thing that I haven't mentioned about my addictions is that periodically (when I get bored with them or when real life gets busy) I completely give them up for months at a time.

I can tell I'm coming up on another break.  I suspect I'll reach both reasons within the next week or so.

...I can already tell my game friends are getting ready to celebrate (lol)  (;

UPDATE!!:  Not half an hour after posting this, (with the help of special boosts), I broke a million on Bejeweled Blitz!!

(Now I'm thinking I should have blogged about this ages ago (;  )

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