Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day (and a couple of days after)

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Saturday was a whole lot of moving furniture around, then Sunday, Mark did ribs and his parents came over for dinner.
One of my absolute favorite parts was when my guys and their Grandma Judy set up the dominoes.

 That evening, we took the boys outside and roasted marshmallows.

 Even the dogs got involved (;  Once the boys (and dogs) had their fill of marshmallows, we sat outside and just enjoyed watching the fire for a bit.

The boys were -going- to go camping that night, in the backyard all by themselves.  You probably noticed the tent set up in the above picture.  They laid down at 8:30 and started telling ghost stories... they came in 2 hours later after they'd frightened themselves. (;

So last night, they asked me if we could try it again, and if I'd sleep with them.  I told them yes, and at 8:30, we headed discover this:

In the dark, with arms full of sleeping bags and pillows, and 96 degree weather-- I wasn't game to try to figure out how to fix it.

The culprit (lol)  Ruby will try to run through the gas grill, tree stumps, stairs...the tent presented no challenge at all (;
So we headed back inside to a house already dark and my oldest says, "Mom!  Can we camp out in the living room?"  I set the sleeping bags up on the floor and the boys and I watched Super Capers:

which was absolutely least to me (;  The boys haven't seen all the movies this one referenced/ spoofed.

Then the boys stayed up to watch a couple of other Netflix selections, but I'd reached the end of my ability to stay awake (it was already 11) and was fast turning into a pumpkin.  I gave them instructions to turn everything off when the last show was over and to be nice.  It's times like these that I know that I am blessed with good children!

This is what I came in to when I woke up at 8 this morning:

My two boys sleeping peacefully in their camp out in the living room (:

Now that I've got the tent set back up, we'll see if they're game for trying to sleep back out in it tonight....

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