Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Montgomery Zoo

So back in the Spring, my youngest decided he absolutely wanted to go the zoo this summer.  I promised him that we would go in June, and today was the day.  We went with Mark, Mark's Mom and three of the boys' cousins, and I was chauffeur in Mom's very nice vehicle (:

We played a fun game of 'I Spy' for a good portion of the trip.  Some of the funnier attempted games:  Hide and Seek (lol) and Charades.  As the drive got closer to the 2 hour mark, Grandma Judy produced pads of paper for the kids to write and draw on and the two older cousins played dots and lines and hang man just as we pulled into the zoo.

As soon as we got out, everyone was doused in sunscreen and then we headed for the entrance.  It was pretty much noon on the money.

We spent two hours visiting different animals along the way.

Only alligator we saw and he was lazing in the pool (;

It was funny to watch the flamingoes-- particularly when they went after the geese they share the space with.

All the cousins, watching the Jaguars.

We watched these two pace and play for almost 10 minutes straight.
I got a -really- nice image of this tiger.  You can't tell it's over 20 feet away and through a sheet of glass while I stood behind a couple of ladies with a stroller (:

This deer is -so- white!

Notice how it looks like he's looking right at me?  He is.  He's less than 2 feet away.

I love the way this turtle is balanced on the rock (:

The boys decided the turtles were working on making a pyramid for the next turtle underwater gymnastic's competition (:

We had a long discussion about these-- first because they were hard to see, and second, because, despite the fact that they -look- like foxes, they're wolves!

Two favorite cousins enjoying the posts.

A really cool peacock pheasant.  In the light, it's circles were iridescent pinks and purples.

Mark said we absolutely had to see the warthogs.  They were enjoying some shade and watching the ducks play in a mud puddle.

The elephants were trying to keep cool in the shade.
 Before we actually saw the elephants, we came across a little nook that I had everyone stand in (:

We actually had to circle the monkey exhibit and -really- look before we saw them.
Then we made our way to the overlook cafe for our free drinks and bit to eat and took the kids to the on-zoo playground.

Throughout the zoo, the boys enjoyed the misters (:

I absolutely adored all the smiles (:
All of the kids trying out the playground (;

My youngest riding the frog.

One of the cousins riding the tire swing (:

King of the sand pile!

After that, we walked over to the Mann Museum for an up close and hands on look at some of the critters.

My husband, photo bombing (lol)
The kids were great about lining up for funny images (:
-Almost- fit (;
Petting a sting ray.
So it -looks- like the kids are just enjoying petting a moose, right?

What they were -actually- doing.  (lol)

Okay, so the reason this particular critter has a place of honor is that when I was a child, I adored "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".  One of my favorite songs to sing has the line, "I'm a lonesome polecat." ...I never knew what that was before today.  (lol)

I could not -believe- how tall this bear was!

I took this image for my Father in Law, Tom.  (lol)

I love the way this image turned out (:
 By the time we made it back to the overlook cafe, we were all pretty much done.  We'd been walking the zoo for four hours and were ready to head home.

On the way home, we played 'what do you see in the clouds' for a good portion of the drive.  It started with what I thought was a pretty good cloud interpretation of a Unicorn, but I was quickly outvoted that it was a helmet with a spike, with a consolation vote of 'maybe a -really- deformed unicorn' from Mark (;  And the boys had all sorts of battles with the snake snap bracelets that we got them at the gift store.

When we got to Troy, it was McDonald's for dinner and a bit of play time at the indoor playpark before time to head home.  We got home at about 8 and my youngest went to cleaning his room.  It got -very- quiet by 8:30 and I went to check on him:

Now -that- is proof of a wonderful day (;

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