Monday, July 18, 2011

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

The last show that we went to was the Kirby VanBurch Magic Show.  My oldest chose it.  We were surprised that we'd gotten not only tickets, but backstage passes to see the cats of the show.

The illusions were absolutely astonishing!  He has a lot of new twists on old tricks and there are so many times you're thinking, "Oh, yeah.  I've got that figured out!"....and then you -really- don't.

Example?  Okay, so the pretty girls come dancing out around a cage, 'looky here!  the cage it empty!'.  We all know that as those girls put sides up on the cage, somebody is going to be disappearing.  What we -don't- expect is that instead of an empty cage when they disappear, it's got a giant tiger or leopard in their place!

My absolute favorite part of the entire show though, was watching my boys watch it.

My 5 year old was on the edge of his seat the -entire- time, spontaneously applauding all on his own, with whispered gasps of 'Amazing!', 'Incredible!' and 'How did he DO that?!?' throughout the entire show.  My oldest's favorite part was getting the blue light sabers to help with the finale.  For both of my little boys, the entire show was absolute -magic-.

Mark and his Dad were talking about the show after we got back, and they believe they figured out how he did ALL of those tricks.

Magic (;

It wasn't until the finale that I realized that I've seen some of his performance before, on television.  And that's only because I very much remember watching him make a full helicopter appear out of no where.

After the show, we got to go back stage and see the cats.  I know they're wild animals, but I sure did want to pet the beautiful kitties!  With the exception of the two white tigers who were sleeping, I felt like all the other kitties looked right at me.  It sure made me miss my own little tiger at home (:

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