Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's All Relative

A month ago, my Sister-in-Law let her sons come visit with their grandparents.  My youngest absolutely enjoyed their company.

One day, when we headed to Blue Springs, my father-in-law called my older nephew a 'city boy' because he didn't know what a crick (creek) was, and wouldn't do his fishin' without a pier because he didn't want to get his shoes dirty. (;  I'll admit, he's spent most of his life in Houston.  Which is not only -actually- a city, but definitely a city when compared to Ozark.

Well, at the same time that they were visiting Ozark, my 9 year old was visiting my parents' farm in Richland, Missouri.

And when my boy didn't know the name and use of some of the tools and some of the common sense farm related things (like don't let yourself get trampled by a yearling goat)... MY father called my son a 'city boy' (lol).

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