Saturday, July 23, 2011

Looks Like Dave Seville Just Needed to Wait for The Band Perry

Yesterday, I'm riding with my mother in law and all the kids in tow to go see the latest Winnie the Pooh movie.  The radio station is set to the choosing of the 13 year old and she asks to turn the radio up when, "If I Die Young" comes on.

On the one hand, I hate this song because I've come to accept that I'm a little superstitious about things like that.  It's right up there with naming your boat Titanic 2.  Or the building of a replica of the original Titanic.  I believe such things tempt fate.  You pretty much wave a sign around proclaiming, "Smite Me!"

On the other hand, I can't help but hear this song:

and remember Dave Seville trying to sell this one:

Shortly after the above snippet, his not friend in the industry says to him,

Ian: Let's talk about your song, Dave.
David Seville: Well, as crazy as it sounds, the original inspiration came to me...
Ian: The song sucks, Dave.
David Seville: What?
Ian: Your song, it's awful, I hate it. Yeah, I mean, who's gonna sing it? Justin? Fergie? Not a chance. Come on, I need something new, something fresh...
David Seville: But that is new.
Ian: The next big thing. Dave, we go way back. We both come a long way since college. You, not so much. I wanted to like that song, but, you heard it... not that good. If I wasn't your friend, I'd say, "Dave, you go right back out of this office and you keep writing music, you'll get there someday." But I am your friend, so I'm going to tell you that there is no sense in writing songs that no one is ever, ever, going to sing.
David Seville: Ever?
(quotes from

Looks like Ian was wrong again.

Dave was just ahead of his time by 4 years...

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