Monday, July 18, 2011

My Little Hawaiians

Every now and then, people try to guess my ethnicity.  Most of the time, they say Hispanic.  Occasionally, I get Middle Eastern, Italian (really?!?), Indian, or Native American.  People never actually guess Hawaiian.  I guess part of that is that you just don't expect it on the East coast.

I'm 50% Hawaiian and was born in Hawaii, but can't really claim the heritage:  I haven't been to Hawaii since I was 3.  Sometimes, it makes me sad that I don't know the language or the culture.  I have one picture of me, around 7, when (I think) that my biological father in Hawaii sent a hula outfit.  I remember loving getting to dress up in it and my mother giving my sister and I some basic hula instruction.

Yeah, that's a 7 year old me.
My little boys, despite being fair skinned, are proud to announce that they are 1/4 Hawaiian.  So when we got the opportunity to 'experience the excitement of Polynesia through some of the dances and songs of the islands of the South Pacific from Tahiti, Hawaii, Tokelau, New Zealand, Fiji and Samoa', we signed up for it!

We didn't have to go to the Dutton Theatre, the show came to the resort we were staying at.  And we enjoyed it very much (:

There was even a section when audience members could come up and join in the dancing.  My boys and my husband's cousins' children wanted us to go up there, so we did.  And the little girl who performed grabbed Mark's hand, so he joined us up there as well.  It was so much fun!

One of the funnier parts was when they were teaching everyone hip isolations.  Right was 'Coconut', Left was 'Pineapple', Back was 'Banana'... and Front was 'Passion Fruit'  (;

And the fire dancing was simply astonishing!  Now, my 9 year old wants to visit the family in Hawaii... and see if any of them can teach him how to do it.

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