Tuesday, July 5, 2011


by Janin Wise on Wednesday, 26 January 2011 at 15:20
Okay, so my husband has informed me that I have really weird dreams, after I told him about the 2 nightmares I had last night.

The first one, that woke me up at 2:

I was driving-- either to school or headed back home, but I knew the road was 231.  And there were a LOT of struck deer in the road.  I jumped the first with my car to avoid hitting it.  I swirved around the second.  But when I went to jump over the third, I was no longer in a car, I was running.  And when I jumped over it, it reached out and grabbed my ankle with a hoof.  It was NOT completely dead, but it wasn't long before it was going to be.  So I decided to move it out of the road and off to the side so it wouldn't be hit by any other vehicles.  But as soon as we were off in the ditch, it turned into my youngest son, and he was disembowled and on death's door.

I woke up with a start, trying not to panic, then checked on both of my children to make sure that they were alright.  After spending almost 10 minutes with each of them, I tried to head back to bed, but the dream was so vivid in my mind, I started to cry and knew I couldn't go to sleep with it in my thoughts.

So I got up to work on some more homework and headed back to bed at 3:30 with pleasant thoughts of my print making project in mind.

To wake up wide awake again at 4 after having another nightmare:

In this one, I was in our bed, but for some reason, it was pushed up against the right wall and the top bedding (the sheet, comforter and quilt) were all on the bed sideways and slipping down under the bed between the wall and the bed-- but slipping wasn't exactly right-- it was like they were being pulled.  While I was sitting there trying to figure out what was going on with the sheets, something was moving up from the bottom corner towards me.  I figured it was my cat Peeve and I thought that it must be difficult going, with the bedding being pulled like that, so I flipped them over like I was going to get out to give the cat more room to move.  Except that it wasn't my cat.  It was 4 snakes.  Two red cobras and two yellow and white cobras.  And they were fighting.  I stayed absolutely still trying not to catch their attention.  In their fighting, one of the red ones was thrown against my thigh and the other red one reared up to strike it, so I pushed it off my lap and onto the floor.  As the other 3 snakes followed the red one off the bed, the yellow and white cobras turned into kittens, but were still fighting.  When I moved my head to follow their movement off the bed-- it was too much movement on my part and all four of them turned their attention to me and the two kittens turned back into snakes.  All four of them reared up to strike me-- and I woke up wide awake.

I had another two hours before I needed to get up, so I went back to sleep... without any real rest.

If it wasn't for my cat Peeve climbing up on my hip and gently nudging my hand after my alarm clock went off, I would NOT have gotten up this morning.  So thank you, my sweet alarm clock kitty for you help.

There are days I absolutely -hate- vivid dreaming.  Especially when it's the nightmare variety.  Mark jokingly accused me of making it all up, because he never remembers his dreams, but I almost always remember at least one of mine.

Here's hoping tonight's bedtime is full of more rest.

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