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by Janin Wise on Thursday, 24 June 2010 at 22:05
Okay, so back in high school, I liked doing 'group' poetry (: Get everyone to add a line at a time, taking turns, until the poem was done. Here's one we made on the bus on the way back from "The Bowl". I should note, the title didn't happen until -after- the poem was written.


Like the candle of youth
-burning to nothing
The wick has been slowly drained of potency.
Unveil the mask,
For untruth has granted me power over The Liar.
His soul to sustain me
-His blood to clothe me,
His touch to soothe
-His eyes to engulf my soul.
Poison to others, darkness causes peace.
Laughter sees the soul
being drained slowly from the vein of life.
Suddenly the sweet blackness
from the core of the heart lashes out-
Bright eyes glowing with the vigor of death-
Mortis has no reign-
He slowly turns and lashes out at nothing
And what remains. . .
An end to innocence.


As it was a group poem, we used the first 2 letters from each of our names: KAra Z., DAniel S., MElissa B., TIna T., AMbrosia D., JAnin S., CHristy G., and ISreal)

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