Monday, July 18, 2011

Real People Don't Have Super Powers, Right, Mom?

So on our drive home from Branson, we're using my computer to let the boys watch movies and they're watching, "Sky High".

It's one of my boys' favorite shows.  As you can probably assume, it's about training super heroes.  So about 15 minutes into the movie, my youngest pipes up from the back, "Real people don't have super powers, right, Mom?"

And I immediate thought of the first show we watched on our Branson vacation.  We went to see the Shanghai Circus

We got the tickets through the previously mentioned travel agency presentation.  We had great seats in the 8th row, center.

These young acrobats are simply -amazing-!

They're not just holding those-- they're spinning and juggling them as well.

Spinning plates, climbing on top of each other, flips, and full splits.  And only a single plate dropped.

They leapt through a variety of impossible ring combinations!

There are no words for the flexibility, strength and coordination this requires.
And so, when I answered my little boy's query, I told him that when a person has developed the ability to do something better than -anyone- else, to do something incredible, amazing and unbelievable-- they might just as well have super powers.

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