Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sometimes, I Amuse Me

While we were in Branson, we drove by a sign that appeared to say, "Helicop tours".  I thought it was absolutely -brilliant- for a company that does entertainment tours with a helicopter.  Unfortunately, the company wasn't actually that clever.  The sign had lost it's 'ter' after the 'Helicop'.  The whole sign on the other side, when we saw it, said, "Adventure Helicopter Tours".

So the other day, my earworm was

(You can tell I have small children, right?)

And suddenly, I was thinking, Mouse-ka-me, mouse-ka-you, mouse-couture.

I was now wondering if such a thing as mouse-couture actually existed, or if I was going to have to photoshop such a thing.

Thankfully, Jeremy Scott has me covered.

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