Monday, July 18, 2011

Visiting the Crack House

We went to Ripley's Believe it or Not! in Branson, Missouri.

We'd previously been to the one in St. Augustine in 2007.  So it was really cool to realize that they don't all have exactly the same things in them!

But you're probably wondering why this post is called, "Visiting the Crack House."  That's what the youngest nephew called the place.

And now you know why.
 Apparently, 3 of the -worst- earthquakes in the United States actually happened in Missouri!

The fun began immediate once we entered the building (:

Mark and Uncle Kennard tried out the fortune teller machine and were looking at their palms (:
My oldest was excited to put a penny down the black hole and try out 'the car of the future!'

One of the kids favorite parts was the extraordinary human exhibits.

My niece, standing next to the tallest man.

My nephew posing with the largest man.

My youngest's hand, compared to 'the hand that could hold a dozen eggs!'

And my nephew comparing his shoe to the shoe of the largest man.

One of the most fascinating things to me was the cobweb painting.

The reason it's so fascinating is two fold:  1.  This is Mark's cousin's Aunt.  And 2.  Until a year ago, we had one of her cobweb paintings of a barn in our dining room.  It's since gone back to the cousin (:

The blurry image of the cardinal I tried to take while pressing the button to light it up.

A picture taken by someone else off the internet that's clearer than the cardinal I took.
Mark's favorite part was finding a hat in the gift shop that fits and looks good (:  And both of my boys enjoyed getting 'mood' necklaces.  I think my favorite part was seeing the camel bone carving and realizing it's detailed on -both- sides.

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