Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today my husband turns 35.  I've asked him off and on for the last two days what he wants as a present and haven't gotten much more than an, 'eh....' for my efforts.

So I've decided he's getting a couple of easy to give things.

1.  Getting to sleep in, uninterrupted.  The boys and I will be out of the house for a good portion of the day.  I'm even going to hold off on mowing the yard until Sunday!

As to how he gets to sleep in, I'll be celebrating Alabama's TAX FREE weekend with my Mother and Sister in Law.  We're going school clothes shopping for the kids, while Uncle Ken watches all the boys (:

2.  I'm going to make bacon wrapped chicken for dinner, and brownies for dessert.

3.  And I'm taking the boys to the store to pick out birthday cards... or see if they want to make one.  We'll see what happens.

4.  I also left him a facebook greeting that comes from (It's copyright protected, so I'm not copying it, but it's where the title of this post comes from.)... and on the off chance that the link goes dead, there's a little spaceship and a candle with a space helmet looking at the remains of a cake. The candle says, "Mission control....It's a gruesome sight here.... Melted bodies everywhere and a cryptic message that appears to say, "APPY THDAY."

5.  As to an actual gift?... I'm currently thinking gift card to some store of choice...or a large surge protector.  We'll see if getting some sleep improves those choices any...


So now we're actually at the end of my honey's birthday, and it's time for an update on how close plans came to reality.

1.  Had an absolute blast shopping with the ladies today (:

Went to JCPenny-- they don't even have coats and long sleeved shirts out.  Then we headed over to Pier One Imports, on the chance that something might jump out and say, "I'm -exactly- what Mark wants for his birthday!"... that didn't happen, but I was very good and resisted getting a jewelry box and a series of wooden games that I don't need, a set of coffee cups that were absolutely adorable but I don't have any place to put, a spoon rest that would be the third in a space that can only hold two, and a set of 6 coasters.  Those were absolutely the hardest to resist, but I was good and did (:

After that, we headed to the new Burlington Coat factory in Dothan.  Absolutely the perfect place to go!  Last night, I told my 9 year old that my goal today was to get him a winter coat for this upcoming year.  I'd asked him what his first choice of color was.  He said black.  I also asked what his second choice, if I couldn't find the first, would be, and he said red.  Not only did I find a black coat that he adores, but it was regularly $100, marked down to $9.99.  I'd fully expected to spend $50 to find him a coat.  So when I came across some black converse on sale for $19.99, I got them in his size, since he absolutely begged for something like them when we went shoe shopping yesterday (but I insisted that he get real tennyshoes, with tread on the bottom and arch support for school.)

Then we headed over to Simple Simons for their delicious buffet.  Mom asked me what Mark's plans were, and I told her I wouldn't be calling him to find out because part of my present (as mentioned above) was to let him sleep in uninterrupted.  That didn't quite work because his Dad hadn't gotten that memo and called him about the same time I was saying that I wouldn't (lol).

2.  We got back to the house at 4:45 and the guys weren't there.  When an hour had passed and they still weren't there, we tried calling each of them with various cell phones, to no avail.  Since I didn't know where he was nor what time they'd get back, I didn't want to head back to the house and start a meal that only takes 45 minutes to make.  And since I hadn't been back to the house, I hadn't had a chance to make brownies either.  Eventually, Mom checked her phone and discovered that Dad had left a message.  Mark and my oldest son got to experience Blue Springs.  Apparently, he didn't believe us when we said it's 50 degrees and painfully cold and jumped right in.  (lol)  Surprise!  So I finally got a text message saying that they were on their way back and Mom decided to make pork chops and Heather, her daughter and I headed out to get dessert.  We stopped at Dairy Queen to see about getting an ice cream cake-- but as I've previously mentioned, Mark likes vanilla.  All they had was chocolate.  So we headed to Walmart, got cheese cakes, brownies, candles, vanilla ice cream, waffle bowls and chocolate syrup.

3.  We didn't do birthday cards.  My boys wished him a happy birthday and gave him hugs instead.

and 5.  Heather knows that her brother is still a bibliophile, so she wanted to stop in at Barnes and Nobles and get him a gift card-- that way, he could get paper books or a nook download to his phone.  Shortly after we stepped in, I had that, "This is it!" moment.  I got Mark two leather bound books.  The complete Dante's Divine Comedy, and the complete Arthur Conon Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.  Definitely better presents than a surge protector (;

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