Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bonding Over Coffee

My oldest son spent a month with my parents this summer.  From the first day that we arrived there, he had a cup of coffee every morning made by his Grandma Kathy.  When I came to pick him back up, he told me he was addicted to coffee.

We don't drink coffee in our house.  But we have a coffee pot because periodically we have guests that do.  So I pulled it out, cleaned it up, bought some coffee and a variety of creamers and made my little boy his own cup of coffee ever morning.  For a month.  After a month, he now only drinks coffee on the weekends, instead of having it every morning with breakfast before heading out to school.

And I realized that he didn't have it quite right:  He wasn't actually addicted to coffee; He was bonding with my mother over their cups of coffee.

I'm sure he'll pick up the coffee more often once the weather turns cold.  I'll start making myself a cup of hot tea every morning and his little brother will start asking for a cup of hot cocoa.  And every now and then, I'll get the delicious refrigerated flavored creamers and we can all have a cup of coffee.
And bond.

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