Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Last week, my mother in law called and asked if we wanted to go bowling.  My 5 year old had never been, and my 9 year old was 3 the last time I took him.  That meant that it'd been 6 years since the last time I'd tried to bowl as well (;  So of course, I said, "Yes!"

I made sure that both of my boys wore socks with their shoes.  And we all hopped in Mom's vehicle and headed to the Dothan Lanes on the north side of Dothan.

We all got our borrowed shoes and the gentleman at the counter gave us a special 6 lb ball for the two youngest to use.

After we got the shoes on, everyone went looking for the perfect ball.  The two older kids alternated between using a 7 lb ball and 9 lb ball.  Mom grabbed a 10 lb, and I grabbed a 12.  I have to admit, the electronic scoreboard threw me just a bit.  The last time I went bowling, we still used pencil and paper.  My niece thought that was completely bizarre because she's never been to an alley that didn't have the electronics.  Mom and I reminisced about having to keep score ourselves and how dangerous the ball return had been (not that it's not dangerous -now-, just that it's more enclosed, so it's -less- dangerous than it used to be.)

We even discussed why no one should stand up on the deck behind when someone was bowling. Yeah-- when I was a clumsy kid, I was the one who accidentally threw the ball backwards...or across 4 lanes....

As soon as we were all set up and my niece keyed us in, the kids started bowling.

There were also plenty of breaks for dancing to the music.

Remember when I mentioned that the cousins had developed a 'Coot's Family Dance'?  Yeah, that's it.

This is my all time favorite of the dance break shots (:

See my youngest on the floor?  No, he did not fall.  He's actually in the middle of trying some break dancing....

Mom spotting my youngest nephew on his turn.  We got the bumpers for our lane so that the kids would have a good time.

His first game was all Granny rolls.  His second game was like watching the bowling version of shot-put... But his score got a lot better (:

My niece is an expert of using what you have (lol)  She'd bounce her ball off the bumpers on purpose.  They go bowling with their parents back home all the time.  And have a family tradition of doing New Year's Eve bowling (:

My oldest getting ready for his turn.  This is the second time he's ever been to the bowling alley.

He likes to get a running start and slide up to the line (lol).

He's got a consistently wicked spin on his bowling ball-- when he learns how to aim, it's going to be devastating on the pins!

This was my youngest's first time at the bowling alley.  He's already got great form and was actually -bowling-.  No granny rolls for him, thank you!

He's got really good aim and hardly touched the bumpers at all.

In fact, in his first game, he got a strike, and scored 95...just 2 points less than me and 4 points less than his Grandmother!

But if you want to talk about a good bowler, that would be Mark's Mom (Okay, at least compared to the rest of us (lol)).

She had the final highest score of 102 by the end of the second game, and we'd ALL had a wonderful time.  And we ended our mini-adventure with a trip to the local Simple Simons for some of their absolutely delicious pizza, (a large pepperoni for $5, thanks to my boys local business school discount card that I got last year.).

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