Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Cusp of Change

This morning, as I stepped outside with my little boys to wait for the bus, my 6 year old shivered.  And in that moment, I felt the first crisp of fall in the air and the beginning passage of another summer.  Soon, it'll be time to pack the shorts away, pull out the sweaters, and sit warming by the fire pit or snuggled with my cat and my slipper socks.  But not just yet.

I don't usually miss the end of summer.

This year, there are changes.  This year, I have my last first grader.  This year, I have my first fourth grader.  This year, tomorrow morning, I start my honest, truly, REAL senior year of college, knowing that a year from December, I will finally -FINALLY- graduate.

And this year, my family and I had an outstanding summer vacation.

It was full of family and fun; swimming, laughing, and a whole slew of new activities that we enjoyed together, as a family.  My boys are off to a wonderful new school year, and I have high hopes that I will shortly follow suit.

This year, I can answer:  I have lived, loved, laughed and learned, and those are four things I hope do not change any time soon.

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