Sunday, August 7, 2011

Future Potential Home Invaders Beware

The family came over to our house this evening.  First, they headed out into my mosquito infested backyard (My mower blade broke and it took me a week to track down a replacement blade...and the yard needed mowed a week ago, before another week of rain!), and aimed at targets with the pellet guns.

Then we were playing games and just visiting.  One of my favorite parts was when I stood in the kitchen working on the final stage of dinner and could hear two simultaneous conversations going on.  At the dining room table, Mark and the two oldest kids were going through the instructions for a zombie board game and rolling dice and counting their weapons.  And in the living room, Mom, Heather and the two youngest kids were going through the instructions for -another- zombie board game.

Then we had wonderful conversation over delicious bacon wrapped chicken.  After dinner, we all headed out to the front yard and they cut bamboo for the kids to play with.  Then my 9 year old brought out his knife collection to show it off.  My dad got him a buck knife to practice throwing.  While he practice trying to hit the tree with it, I remembered we have actual throwing knives in the living room.  When I brought those out, everyone gave them a try (:  The four year old managed to get one into the tree on his final try, as did my youngest son.  My older son was trying a little too hard and needs to work on relaxing for his aim, but he's got a really good spin.  My older niece did -really- well.  She managed to get a total of 6 knives in the tree over several different practices.  And Mark's sister, Heather did as well.  Mark did too and his Dad was comic relief (lol).  His first time, 'showing us how it's done' he threw all 5 knives at the exact same time.  The second time, he faced US and threw them behind his back.  And the third, he brought one of my kitchen knives out as a joke (;

That's when I realized that any future potential home invaders should probably just skip our house.  At any given time, there are 7 knives in the living room, 2 blocks full of knives in the kitchen, my oldest has a dozen is his room, there are 2 swords and 3 katanas in the shed in the backyard, and 2 large saber type swords in our bedroom.  Then there's the assorted variety of scissors in the kitchen, dining room, living room and bed rooms.  I can assert there are over 2 dozen, divided between craft related, sewing and paper.  And that doesn't even get into exacto knives.  Nor any of the saws, etc. that are in various locations throughout the yard.

We have a very sharp stocked home... forget home invaders!  Perhaps we really are prepping for that zombie invasion!

If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency.

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