Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goat Balls

So I recently went to the doctor because Mark was worried about my hearing.

 (It's fine, by the way.) and figured that while I was there, I'd get refills on medications and see about getting my popcorn moles removed.

I've had popcorn moles since I was a little girl.  I have so many around my neck, it's practically a necklace--

which has always made wearing actual necklaces quite painful.

When I called them 'popcorn moles' at my appointment, the nurse giggled and said, "That's what you call them?".  It was then that I remembered that medical people call them 'skin tags'.
Which still means that they are moles that pop up and stand out.

A couple of weeks ago, Mark looked removing them up online and it suggested tying a string around them and three days later they fall off.  When I saw the doctor, she recommended the exact same thing because I have so many of them.

This morning, at 3 am, I finally had the nerve to ask Mark to help me with the two that are most annoying: one at the back of my each of my armpits.  They periodically get nicked (and hurt like a wooley booger!) when I shave.

So I got the string out, held the moles and he tied the string tightly around them.  In three days, they should fall off.

All day, they've been driving me nuts-- it feels like a constantly pulled hair.

And the only mental image I get when I think about them being tied off for three days so that they'll fall off was when we visited my parents this summer and they headed out into the goat pastures to count and band the goats:  For three days, you could tell exactly which of the little goats were boys... by the slow and stilted way they walked.

I could have gone the rest of my life without this association.

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