Wednesday, August 24, 2011

God's Eyes

Troy University is in a serious state of construction.  As my friend Heather Turner said,

"Welcome to Troy University, where we teach our students critical thinking by blocking every entrance to campus."
As a result, in order to get to my English class, I have to pass through another building that I would normally not enter at all.

On my way, I glanced down the hall and saw these:

I knew what they were immediately and paused a moment (to take pictures) to smile and remember why I know what they are.

I can still clearly remember this from when I was in kindergarten.  I had already finished all the existing assignments for the day.  Even done several versions where more than one hand out was possible.  And I still wanted to learn more.  My teacher handed me a book on God's Eyes and sent me off to the side while she was helping the other students with their assigned work.  Using the pictures in the book, I made one with rainbow colored string and two Popsicle sticks.  I remember needing her help to get it started because my sticks kept twisting, but after that, I did it all by myself.

It was a wonderful moment of nostalgia to see in my new school something from my very old school (:

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