Friday, August 26, 2011

I Will Climb 500 Stairs

The other day, I was talking to a friend and mentioned that I haven't done my morning exercises the first week since school started.  That I was just counting walking campus as my exercise.

Today, I figured I'd actually show how many stairs I climb every day, because I climb stairs now, 5 days a week.  I should mention that I've always been a stair counter.  I think it started when my sister and I were little girls growing up in Europe.  Every single castle we went into, the tallest tower always had 365 stairs.  We eventually asked a guide why and they were astonished that there were that many.  Erin and I figured it might be one stair for every day of the year...

This is the hill up from my truck.  Pretty much, Troy University it built on a variety of hills.
These are the first 2 sets of stairs that I go up Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday morning.  Each case is 12 stairs.
This is the alternate set of stairs I have to take, due to school construction.  Stairs: 12.
These are the stairs into the building I pass through.  8.
And these are the stairs inside the building I've been using as an alternate route.  Stairs:  10.
So that means that I'm walking up  54 stairs to get to my first class, 3 days a week.  When I come back, I go down the first 30 stairs and take an alternate route through the student union to take advantage of their air conditioning.

And the ac (and being out of the weather) are really the only advantages.  It's still 2 sets of stairs, 12 stairs each.
The second half of the stairs in the student union:  12.
So Monday and Wednesday, I'm guaranteed a minimum walk up 54 stairs, and back down 54 stairs.

The stair case in the art building.  First set:  13.
Second set: 12.
So one of the things I notice is that Troy is pretty found of 12 stairs in a set.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'll go up these 25 stairs, then down them, then up and down them again for my second class 2 hours later.

Total minimum # of stairs on Tuesday and Thursday:  50 up and 50 down.

There are 2 additional stair cases I get to use on Fridays.  This set has a measly 6.

The other set has 11.
So on Friday, it's a total of 74 stairs up, and then back down them.

That means that this week alone, I've climbed up at least 282 stairs, and gone back down them as well.  (You may have noticed I keep saying, 'at least'.  That's because I don't count the number of times I go up and down stairs with 5 or less, or if I make an additional random trip back up the stairs at the student union.)

All of this to say that this semester alone, I'll be climbing at least 4,230 stairs.  Which makes it easier for me to consider it supplemental exercise!

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