Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Irish Stir Fry

So this evening, my children started calling for dinner at 4.  I have a refrigerator with a calendar on it that has meal suggestions for pretty much every day of the week.

I didn't feel particularly inclined to make any of it tonight.

So I opened the fridge and took a look:  I saw left over pot roast, fresh carrots, fresh celery, and a bowl of bacon grease.

And suddenly, I was thinking... "I wonder what happens if you take all the ingredients for stew and toss them in a frying pan full of bacon grease instead?!"

So I diced up the pot roast, put the bacon grease in a large frying pan and started it up under medium high heat.  Then I peeled and diced a large onion.  (As I took care of each new ingredient, I tossed it right in.)  Then I peeled and large diced over half a dozen potatoes.  Then a handful of baby carrots.  I added salt, pepper and minced garlic and covered it with a lid to help steam the root vegetables while I fried them.  Roughly every 7 minutes, I lifted the lid and stirred the contents to make sure everything had a chance to brown.  With only 10 minutes left before the root vegetables would be perfectly tender (meaning I'd been cooking for almost 50 minutes), I diced up celery and stirred it in.

It's about as pretty as regular stew, a whole lot less healthy...and absolutely delicious!

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