Monday, August 8, 2011

It's the End of Summer least for my little boys.  I actually have another week and a day before my classes start.  I don't know how well any of us are going to sleep tonight, though, as we're -all- excited about them starting tomorrow. (:

I've always loved school.  And learning.  Even when summer was fun, I was always ready for it to be over so we could get back to school.  Heck, when I was little, my sister and our friends would -play- school.  I stayed up all night writing out math and spelling words and teaching them the next day.  Did I mention that I loved school?

My boys are not quite so zealous about it.  In fact, when summer began, my almost 6 year old cried because he was afraid about going to his brother's school and the shear amount of homework he'd have to do (from the horror stories his big brother told him.)

We had first grade open house on Sunday.  I left my oldest and home and it was just my youngest and I.  He wore his brand new school tennyshoes, and we brought all his class supplies.

There are a couple of great changes their school has already done, and school doesn't even start until tomorrow!  First, they got rid of the terrible 'clear book bag'.  For 5 years, I've had to purchase those stupid things-- and they fall apart after 3 months.  When you tape them, they only last another 4 at most.  And then when you go back to the store looking to replace them-- there aren't any.  It was a terrible fiasco.  FINALLY, the school saw reason and dropped that rule.  For the first time in his school career, my oldest son got to choose his own bookbag (:  Secondly, they divided up the open houses-- first and second grade on Sunday, third through fifth on Monday.  Makes a world of difference when you're looking for parking!  And third, we all know that the only reason we all crowd into the gym is that we want to know who our children are going to have as teachers.  This year, they had tables set up in the gym and while we waited for the main meeting to begin, we could walk up and find out this all important information!

This was definitely the most stress free and easy open house season we've ever had.  After the 30 minute meeting, we brought all the school supplies to his classroom and met his new teacher.  She was very nice and asked me to repeat his name so that she would know how to pronounce it.  And the only form we had to fill out then and there was for the buses (which will be running the very first day!  Yet another change.  In fact, they've apparently reworked the entire bus system!)  After checking the list they had in the classroom, I knew my boys would be on the same route they've always been on.  And she had goody bags out for each of the kids.  My little boy was hooked from the moment he got that pinwheel (:

I just took the rest of the paperwork home, filled out and put it in his notebook that is currently sitting in his book bag and waiting to go with him to school in the morning.

This evening, I repeated the experience, except with my oldest son.  He got his #1 hope:  his best friend and he are in the same class again this year (:  And his friends have told him that his teacher is one of the nicest.  And she made sure to learn his name and the nickname he prefers to be called.  Her class was a LOT busier than my youngest's had been.

I had originally thought, because we had the same bus route that we'd have the same bus driver, and she'd said at the end of last year they'd be changing the pick up spot, so I called her to ask where that would be-- and discovered that we have a completely different driver!  So I got the new driver's # and called and left a message.  She called me just as I was getting ready to read bedtime stories to the boys and it turns out that my boys will be picked up right in front of our house, like they've always been.  (Score!)

Both of my boys have let me know they've had a wonderful summer and greatly enjoyed it--
but they're ready to go back to school tomorrow (:

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