Monday, August 22, 2011

My Nine Year Old Just Taught Me a New Word

So my son brought his book, "100 Most Dangerous Things On The Planet" out to the living room to share.

The first piece of advice he gave me was to surviving an avalanche:  if you become trapped in the snow, curl yourself up into a ball with your hands cupped before your face.  Doing so will create an air pocket.  Then when you spit towards your hands, the direction your spit falls is down and you'll know that going the other way is up.  (I kinda have to admit I hope I never need this bit of information...)

Then he started quizzing me to see if I knew what different disasters were.  After a long stretch of, "yes", he came across 'seiche'.

I had absolutely NO idea what that was.  So he read it to me.  Turns out that it's a french term meaning, 'to sway back and forth' and is used to describe a wave in an enclosed body of water like a lake that's usually brought about by the weather.

I suddenly stopped him and asked him to describe it again.

Because it dawned on me that 'seiche' is a perfect description for the waves you make in a bath tub when you sway your body from side to side.

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