Friday, August 19, 2011

Smart Phone

I have never been a technophile, but I have to admit that the last 3 days at school would have been tremendously different without the technology that is available.

1.  Mark is also going to school this semester.  So he had to order his books online from the campus bookstore.  I had my first, 'feel old' moment when I realized that when I started working on my bachelors degrees, you couldn't do that... because there weren't any online campus bookstores.  In fact, the year I started college is the same year that was launched.

2.  All of the class registration happens on-line.  Even when you go in to the wonderful secretary's office-- she's accessing online as well.  I spent a good portion of my first day using my cellphone to access the school website and watch for an opening in a class that I needed.  As soon as it did-- Jane signed me up.

3.  I have some very large breaks between classes.  I've spent most of it reading an actual book or visiting with friends, but I've also spent a good portion of that time on my phone: reading several fairy tales, checking facebook, listening to pandora, and playing games.  (I'm slowly progressing along in Angry Birds, Rio.)

4.  I have used my phone for an awful lot of 'emergency' email in the last 3 days-- from everything from finding out what I need to enter the BFA program to when I need to take a University required math test.

5.  While waiting for my first class of the day, I found myself in a very neat hall.  And used my cellphone to take pictures of what I got to see.

the end of the English hall faces the theatre shop (:
It's an enormous crossword puzzle!!!
If you looked inside for a particular number, it had the 'clue' listed.
My absolute favorite part, though, was that it is slowly being filled out, by different people (:
6.  When I showed up for my first English class this morning (remember the class I was waiting for an opening in?), it turns out that the instructor had asked everyone to bring their computers in to access blackboard...  I didn't get that information and didn't have mine-- but I had my cellphone.  And accessed blackboard through it, instead.

7.  I've used the notebook feature of my phone to keep track of grocery lists, to do lists, and keep a running track of the course I need to graduate.

8.  I've used the calendar, timer and alarm clock feature for making sure I don't miss any appointments, don't spend too much time on the computer and get up and going when I need to.

All in all, if I didn't already know it, the last three days would have convinced me that my Droid is one of the absolute smartest and most versatile presents that Mark has ever gotten me!

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