Thursday, August 4, 2011

Under the dresser of Doom

So I step into my bedroom and my cat is staring INTENTLY under my dresser.

That's my sweet old man, Peeve.
I turn the light on to make it easier for him to see and he reaches oh so very slowly and tentatively underneath, and I'm standing there trying to figure out if I'm letting him reach out to a snake, or a scorpion, or a centepede, or whatever;  You get the idea:  I'm worried my cat is being so hesitant because he's facing something sinister.

Two fast swats, and then he walks away in complete disinterest.

I grabbed the sword on the bookshelf because I didn't know what was down there and figured I could use it to 1. pull it out, or 2. kill it, pin it, or scare it, if need be.

Yeah.  The big bad deodorant was going to get me...

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