Friday, September 30, 2011

1 morning, 10 sentences, 2 poems

In my freshman English class, we were told to write down at least 10 sentences about how we felt on Wednesday morning.

I wrote:

This morning I am cheerful despite the grumpy weather.
This morning I find it ironic that I'm wearing a sun activated shirt on a cloudy day.
I would love to declare this morning, "Class Nap" day.
It was hard to roll out of bed, the warm sheets kept calling me back to sleep.
It was surprisingly easy to get my boys out of bed.
I love morning hugs!!
Especially from my kids.
I feel giggly and silly.
I feel like I've had enough writing~ my hand is starting to cramp.
I'm irritated to hear the a/c and lights running and the rain rattling on the ducts.
I'm ready to get on with today's "to do's".

Then he told us we needed to turn them into poems.

Here's poem #1:

Early Morning English Class,
On a Wet and Rainy Wednesday

by Janin Wise

My feelings pooled in a puddle
for the next unsuspecting passerby
to step in
with their mesh-top tennyshoes.

Aw, man!

My irony
squishes between your toes.
My sleepy
soaks through your socks.
My cheerful
slips into the crevices,
squeaking with every step.

But all you feel
is the wet and the icky.

Is it an Irritation?
An Interruption?
An Inconvenience?

Or is it an opportunity?

Will you
take off your shoes
and come puddle stomping
with me?

Then we can both
be giggly and silly.
Then we can both be cheerful
...despite the grumpy weather.

And poem #2:

The Last Rainy Morning of September

by Janin Wise

despite the grumpy weather.
by delicious irony.

I am giggly and silly.

Warm sheets call,
"Come back to bed!"
Let's declare it,
"Class Nap" day!

I am giggle and silly.

Alas, it's time for
"Up and at 'em!"
But at least it comes
with little boy hugs!

I am giggly and silly.

Rain rattles
and soaks through
my tennyshoes:
icky and wet.

Now I am ready to get on with today's "To Do's".

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