Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blue Clues, The Homicide Episode

It starts out with snippets of song: " gotta find another paw print, that's the third clue, you put it in your notebook, and you know what to do, sit down in our thinking chair and think...think...thiiiiink." ..."Cause when you use your mind, take a step at a time, you can do --any-thing-- that you wanna do!"

Yup.  The ladies and I in Painting class are singing Blues Clues again.  Because it's really easy to remember.  Because I have a little boy that absolutely adores them.  Because some of my classmates enjoy watching them as well.

And then the conversation turns both humorous and sinister.

If you've watched as much Blues Clues as we have collectively, then you'll remember when Joe replaced Steve on the show.  In reality, the actor playing Steve turned out to be an alcoholic.  Can't have that.  In the story line, Joe says that Steve went away to college.

But it's like an episode of Single White Female:

Same haircut.  Similar green shirt.  Even learning Steven's poses...
One day, Steve's just not there anymore.

But here's Joe.

Living in Steve's house.  Sleeping in Steve's bed.  Using Steve's talking alarm clock.  Playing with Steve's blue puppy dog.  Having breakfast with Steve's talking Spice friends.  Even using Steve's Handy-Dandy Notebook!

Ah!  The signs of success!
We morbidly jest that Steve's body is in a back closet.

Looking a little worried there, Joe, like you've got something to hide...
Then we envisioned them playing a Blues Clues game of "Find Steve!"

Yes, Blue.  Now would be a good time to be worried.
Because, Blue, while you sit on down, and figure it out... Joe will be the kitchen... finding Steve's handy-dandy butcher knife...

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