Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens

Just a warning, there may be spoilers.  If you want to read the book or watch the movie without someone else's thoughts influencing you, stop here.

That said, my mother in law keeps an eye on my boys for me when I have to stay late at school.  Every time she does, she has a book firm in hand.  (Have I mentioned that I love that my children, my husband, his Mom, and my parents are all bibliophiles like me?  I really do.)  Week before last, she finished reading, "Cowboys & Aliens" and wanted to go see it in the movie theatre.  My father in law is not big into movies and that weekend didn't work well with Mark and my schedule.

But her Birthday was yesterday.

Mark and I talked for 2 days trying to figure out what we should get her for her birthday.  We figured taking her to see the movie was a given, but we also wanted to get her a present.  We knew that she loves to read.  But after she reads a book, you never see it around her house.  (As a comparison, our house has over a dozen bookshelves.)  So we reasoned that she's not keeping the books when she's done with them.

We decided to get her a Nook.  We went with this particular one because it doesn't glare and it feels more like looking at a real book.  Even got her a case to put it in to help give it the feel of being a book (and protect it.)

While Mark was helping her activate it, I remembered that Droid has an app for both Kindle and Nook.  I've been using Kindle for almost a year now.  As of that moment, I am also using Kindle (:

She was interested in reading, "The Help", so I hope that's the first book she puts on it, but we shall see.

We (Mark, our boys and I) took her to see the movie at the Dothan Carmike 6.  Mark had told her that the movie was no longer playing because an internet search for Dothan Movies didn't pull it up.  That is because, until quite recently, Dothan had 3 movie theatres: Carmike 12, and Northside 1 and 2.  Apparently, in the very recent past, the older Northside Cinema completely closed and the newer one (that always makes me think of a fancy Mexican restaurant because of it's neon signs) is now a Carmike 6.  But you have to go specifically to the Carmike website to find its listings.

She was a little concerned about bringing the boys.  We've previously brought them to Hulk and Iron Man.... I was pretty certain a movie rated PG-13 wasn't going to phase them.

All of us enjoyed it.  It's an action movie that combines westerns with advanced technology and alien invasions.  What isn't there to enjoy?

There were so many recognizable faces in this movie!  A lot of actors that I really enjoy seeing.

It is perfectly acceptable to enjoy it on a surface level.  My boys did.

Of course, there are also possible deeper issues to explore-- The meaning and importance of family.  And loyalty.  And honor.  And self sacrifice.  Rising to a call you didn't make.  Being responsible.  Doing what is needed and what is right.  Cooperation, despite adversity.

All in all, it was a very good movie.

As we were leaving, Mom said that it was very true to the book.  It didn't kill the little boy (but then it probably wouldn't have been PG-13), and it -did- kill Nat, the native American taken in by a gruff and disapproving Woodrow (played beautifully by Harrison Ford.)

And what did my boys take from it?

Almost 4 hours of play time with a new game called (surprise, surprise) Cowboys & Aliens (;  Complete with hardware they constructed themselves.

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