Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dancing With The Dragonflies

Two years ago, when I visited my friend Teresa in San Antonio, we stopped in a Del Sol shop and I bought this wonderful color changing shirt.

It's shades of beige and white when I'm inside, but becomes these beautiful colors when I step out into the sun. It made me smile as I was leaving English class yesterday, because I looked down and watched it happen, and at the same time, my transition lenses darkened. I could just imagine being across the street watching me color change, and it amused me greatly.

I was feeling particularly matchy-matchy, so I also had my beloved dragonfly clip in my hair. I sometimes wish that when I'd gotten in in the early 90s, I'd bothered to get a second one.

And I chose to wear the wonderful butterfly earrings that my mother passed on to me. My sister and I used to love when she'd let us look through her jewelry box. These earring were always a favorite of mine. She let me have them when I turned 15.

So there I am, leaving English class at 10 am in the morning, grinning from ear to ear at my own amusement, when I begin to cross the quad.

And grinned even larger as I watched almost 30 dragonflies zipping and racing all around the quad. I paused to watch them. There were large black ones, small red ones, even shades of blue and green happily zooming by. It was as though the cooler humidity had amped them up and they were celebrating the beautiful weather with an end of summer dance.

Though I continued walking on to my next destination, the smile remained on my face, and in my heart, I too, was dancing with the dragonflies.

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