Monday, September 19, 2011

The Future, Rich Artist Version of Me

Before I can talk about today, I have to mention my Research and Criticism class last week.  We were talking about the perceived value in art and when a collector spent less than $20,000 on this painting,

and had it finger print tested, it turned out to have a Da Vinci finger print on it and is now estimated at being worth over $160 million!

So my classmates and I have had a running joke about making sure you leave DNA evidence in your artwork, so it can be identified later and worth millions.

Today, when my friend Sam asked me if I'd make sure to leave a fingerprint in the current painting piece I'm working on, so I'd make millions later, I laughed.

And it set us all off on a tangent about the Future, Rich Artist Version of me.

I teased that they (the art people of the future) would argue over how to pronounce my name.

Sam mentioned that my most famous piece would be my (upcoming) 'Four Little Ponies of the Apocalypse'.

Breanne said, "Ah yes.  Janin Wise, most often known for her morbid content...  But if you listen closely, some say you can hear the remnants of her giggle."

And Kim laughed and said that for someone as cheerful as I am, I really do have a tendency towards morbid art.

After laughing, I said, "But you have to admit, even if they're morbid...they do tend to be funny..."

And just in case you're thinking, "But Janin!  You don't do morbid art!!", here are a some refreshers. (No details, though, since I've actually blogged previously on all of them.)

Jabberwocky "Soft Sculpture"
Kali Ma "Soft Sculpture" (As in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Kali Ma)
"Mucha's Zombie" print.
"The Fables of Frogs" Triptych. (You can probably tell this turns out badly for the frogs...) 
"The Ants and the Grasshopper". Colored pencil.  (Because everyone knows how this works out for the grasshopper...)
"The Owl and The Grasshopper". Collage, watercolor, transfer, ink and crayon.  (I'll just direct your attention to the silhouette owl's claw in the background...)
"The Tortoise and the Eagle" graphic novel panel. Pen, ink, and watercolor.
"The Raven and the Serpent" pen and ink, water color, ink wash and colored pencil.
Now you're going, "Holy cow!  You really DO do a lot of morbid art!!"  

But hopefully, you can still see that I tend to do it in a light-hearted manner.

...Now if I can just get someone to pay me a couple of million for them (;

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