Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Glass and slumping

One of our very last projects in Advanced Ceramics was taught by my friend Victoria.  We used the kiln to slump glass.

She had us add biological elements that would turn to ash in the firing.

Here are my 'Before' pictures.

I thought that they were so lovely!  

As for the 'Afters':

The one full of flowers, on the bottom, ended up with some hollow places where the flowers were too thick, and some black bubbled.  I didn't even photograph it, it was so ugly.

The one with the purple flower:  the leaves and flower turned out lovely.  The different layers of glass turned out interestingly.

  The ghosts left by the dandelions was exactly what I had hoped would happen.

As it was all an experiment and a learning experience, I enjoyed it.  Even if not all of the results were keep worthy (;

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