Monday, September 26, 2011

King of the Quad!!

Or "Fall 2011, the Semester of Playing"

My very first day of class, Mr. Paxson came over, with a single pointer finger extended, slowly reached out, and touched my arm before zipping away proclaiming, "You're It!" on his way out of the building.

I'm telling you now, that moment set the tone for this semester.  In a very fun way.

A couple of weeks ago, my campus started it's own Human vs. Zombies game.  They grew from 20 people to well over 200 participating in less than a 2 week time span!  It's an enormous game of tag.  With socks and nerf guns.  And the next round begins in about a month.

And this past Friday,

I got to play in the quad (:

They had some really fun advertising across campus for it.

I was even crowned King of the Quad,

after being the first to make it all the away around the human sized board game (:  I danced like a robot.  I did the chicken dance.  And all in all, I had a whole lot of fun!

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