Thursday, September 22, 2011

Letter to the Alabama Department of Transportation

Dear Alabama Department of Transportation,

On Monday this week, your workers headed out in the 90 degree heat to begin tearing up the road I use five days a week.

And I wanted to tell you, "Thank You."

I have watched their progress all week, and though I admit to some minor rumbling about slowing down that first day, I have mostly watched in fascination as the old road was scraped away, layer by layer like an onion, and within mere days, a beautiful new road is being laid down in it's place.

It's been exciting to see how far they've come in so short a time.  And I felt like Mater from Cars getting to drive on the newly unveiled road.

I amused myself wondering if your workers, who continue to progress for the second lane, watch us drivers using their new roads with pride in a job well done and (though it is unspoken) very much appreciated, or if they're disgruntled that people would dare to drive on their so newly made hard work.  I anticipate, as all professions have optimists and pessimists, there might be a bit of both.  It makes me smile to pretend one of your road crew could even be having one of these thoughts as I slow down to pass them safely.

I have been equally impressed with your crews dedication.  They have been out there is the miserable heat, and lately, in the equally miserable rain.

And so I wanted to take this moment to say, "Thank you" for the wonderful new road you have laid out to make my drive easier.

While I'm mentioning it, is there any chance I could talk you into doing the same for the road around my house.... (;


Janin Wise

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