Thursday, September 1, 2011

Looking for Inspiration

At the beginning of this semester, my Collaborative Studio class headed to the Johnson Art Center to see the current exhibit and look for inspiration.

One of my favorite pieces was actually in the lobby portion of the art center.

I've tried to document it above,  and I like to believe that the artist did it on purpose, but when I saw it, I laughed out loud and HAD to take a picture:  He stuck out his thumb and pulled out a plumb (:

I was pleased to see that two of my instructors are in the exhibit:

Mr. Percy, our ceramic's and art education instructor.

And Mr. Paxson, our 3D instructor.

There were a couple of pieces I simply enjoyed for the beauty of them.

This reminded me of sand paintings I used to play with as a child.

I love the split panels, and it appears that she does some stenciling techniques.

I didn't find this one attractive, but I certainly found it interesting.
 Then I came across these amazing music boxes!  What she did was poke holes in the photo tracks.

You step on the presser foot to activate them.  I have to admit, I LOVE interactive art, and these were extremely well crafted!

This next artist is an -astonishing- painter.  I also enjoy his mixing of 3D and 2D elements.

And I was pleased to see fiber arts represented.

As well as some absolutely lovely functional wood and metal work.

Everything was so well crafted!  And my favorites were the pieces with intricate details.

As large as this looks, it's only about a 5" square.  And made it tiny paper cuts.
 I also enjoyed the artist exploring unusual media, like light.

I even loved the green glow that was cast into another room by the previous piece.
 My favorite part of the last piece that I saw

is the apparent shadow cast on the base.  I thought it was a lovely, if macabre addition that allows the piece to tell a story.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed the show, and the inspiration I've taken from it is to embrace both my 2D and 3D nature.  To add humor, thought and whimsy to my pieces.  And to try to work in the full variety of mediums that I know how to use.

As the semester progresses, we'll see how well I do with it (:

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