Monday, September 19, 2011


As I mentioned in my previous post, we started talking about poetry in my freshman level English class today.  At the beginning of class, my instructor was talking about the difficulty of being given a topic and just told to write a poem about it.  And at the end of class, he said that later this week, we might well do an experiment along those lines.  Perhaps on music.

He said not to write it now, but as I crossed the street, I couldn't stop myself and a poem sprung up in my mind.

So here is my second "give you a topic and tell you to write a poem" poem.


Rancorous noise.
The bass so loud
it dictates
the beating
of my heart
-steals my
natural rhythm
-and makes it yours.

The Elite
never clap
at the end of a song
-only at the end
of the performance.
I wish someone
had told me that
sneakers weren't
dress appropriate.

My dance moves
classic Muppet!
Smile wide
and No One watching.
A Joy in

Drum Beat.
Naught but Drum Beat.
The doumbek calls.
The Drummers are fishing.
The right rhythm--
O!  I am caught!
And must answer
the primal call
to move,
bare feet beneath the stars
-sisters in swirling skirts
-souls open to the heavens.

And all is made right in the world.

--Janin Wise

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