Monday, September 19, 2011

Punctuation Is A Funny Thing

On my way into school this morning, I passed by a hotel advertising, "Free Internet Breakfast".

I couldn't help but envision Plankton and his holographic meatloaf.

 (If you can't tell, there's a lot of SpongeBob at my house.)
I amused myself with the idea of facebook games like the Sims and the virtual gardens, but for food that doesn't actually exist:  "Collect all 52 varieties of pie to unlock the next helping of chocolate!"

I briefly wondered if the hotel could use it as a marketing scheme about dieting:

"Look at wonderful pictures of home cooked breakfasts, absolutely free!"

"A feast for the eyes, no weight for the thighs!"

"Yes, Mam, you are certainly welcome to use a jump drive to take left overs home with you!"

I have to admit, I wouldn't have been nearly as entertained this morning if the hotel had invested in a comma or an ampersand.

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