Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quirky Family Games

This morning on facebook, a friend posted this:

and it immediately reminded me of a game we play at my house.  Periodically, I will (gently) land on one of my children, taking them down to the floor with me, and fuss about a sudden attack of Gravity.  They periodically do the same (:  It's a great opening for a tickle fight.

It got me thinking about the variety of quirky, not your standard issue, family games people play.

Another one my boys and I like to play is a combination of Follow the Leader and Tag.  You're supposed to do what the person in front of you is doing-- while getting increasingly closer to them the whole time.

When I went to college and lived in the dorm, one of my favorite games involved going through the entire third floor lobby (which consisted of two large rooms with several smaller study rooms off on the sides) without touching the floor at all.  This usually involved walking across the backs of furniture and leaping from one piece to another.  Sometimes, a fellow student would allow a piggy back for some of the wider gaps.

When I was in college and living in a house, my roommate and I, along with several friends, had an 'everywhere' water gun fight.  Inside, outside, and in between-- all doors open and everyone running every which way.

I still remember my friend Julie telling me about a game she played with her friends as a child.  It was called, 'Paraplegic'.  Everyone except 'it' would run away from home base, where it was, was it counted to 10.  Then It would yell, "Paraplegic!" and everyone would fall on the floor where they were and would have to make it back to home base without using their arms our legs to get there.  She even demonstrated pulling herself across the floor by her chin.  It was terrible and horrendously funny at the same time.

When I was a little girl, we used to play indoor tag that included leaping over the furniture.  Cassie, the german shepherd played this game with us.  She was REALLY good at clearing the couch.

And my three favorite games as a child, when we were outside were

1.  Tunnel tag-- which involved plastic tunnels like giant culverts, that had connectors.  Little kids climbed through them, but our playground had them shaped like a hat so the two outer edges were safe zones and the inner square is where we ran.  You could -almost- get parallel to the ground running the inner square.

2.  Human Volley Ball-- played by rapping the two outer swings up on the side of the swing set and a person sitting in the center-- while two other people play volley ball with that person.


3.  One, Two, Three, Kick Up! -- where we would stand in a circle of up to 20 people, one person standing in the center saying the words.  Then everyone else would kick up into a handstand.  The winner was the person who could stay up the longest and would be the next person in the center.

What are your favorite quirky games?

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