Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seeing What Isn't There And Noticing What Is

Or, "A Day Seen Through Janin's Eyes."

I love walking on campus and seeing the changes.  With the crisp breeze in the air, it feels like fall came in with September.

There have been a lot of things to notice on campus this week.

As I was walking past the fountain, I looked down.  Stopped.  And came back.

And giggled before continuing my travels across the quad.

They've finally gotten the water fountains working!  They've been off for the last 2 years.  I'd love to sit out and enjoy them...but listening to them makes me want to pee...

What you do NOT see are the two tree that vanished one afternoon.  One of them was definitely dead a year ago.  The other started turning fall-ish a week before everything else did.

Really neat moth that's been hanging around the art department.

Looking at the moth from another angle (:  I wonder if it was looking back at me...

I grinned like a loon when I saw this.  The air was nice and crisp and cool and the leaves have started to fall .

I loved the look of the shadows and leaves.  By this afternoon, the gardening people at Troy had cleared them all up and the cloud cover took away the shadow.

Up at the top where the construction has been blocked off all semester, you can now see that they're working on making wider stairs (:  I anticipate they'll even have them finished before the month is out!  Now I've been wondering to myself how they're going to work the section that little up there.  I'm betting they take out the wall on the right and leave the stairs there.  But we'll see how it plays out.  I love this little mysteries.

See the brown circle on the ground?  That used to be a tree.  What I remember most about it is that it had a knot about 1 and 1/2' above my head that students like to use for a trashcan...

See the squares of sod?  All semester, these areas have been blocked off.  Today, the sod arrived and the mystery blockings of these spaces finally make sense.

It was actually pretty neat to watch them shaping with shovels.  Does NOT look easy.

When I passed by it in the morning, I ran my fingers through the soft new grass (:  The palette was much higher then.

This is my truck, with a motorcycle that parked next to me.  "Why is this a picture of  my truck with a motorcycle parked next to it?", you might ask.

Well, that would be because THIS is the parking space the motorcycle is in...

Compared to the actual motorcycle space that is on the other side of the grass...
And all of this, as I encountered each, made me smile, laugh, and stop to document it.  I have moments like this almost every day, though I don't usually bother to pull out the camera...and they don't usually happen with so many in a single day (;

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