Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twitterlins, It Ain't Whatcha' Think

Technology has a way of changing what things mean.  This morning, I searched for 'twitterlins'.  Google is absolutely certain that I'm misspelling 'twitter links'.  And based on the number of sites pulled up for my originally query, the people using it mean the same thing.

Way back before twitter or even before the internet, my father informed me that I was a master twitterlin maker.  It became a running joke between us for a habit that drives him (and my husband) absolutely nuts.  I used to claim to have an invisible room full of them.

I have a bad habit.  I can't break it.  I've done it forever.  It really is part of who I am.  Actually, I have two, and they tend to go hand in hand.

I split hairs.  And I take things literally.

Part of why I can't break these habits are for my own personal amusement.  I blame it on quirky humor.

(My husband tells me I'm not funny.  He lumps these in with my enjoyment of puns and plays on words.  Personally, I admit to getting great delight from the sound of his suffering groans as he rolls his eyes.)

The upshot to these two bad habits are that there are a LOT of opportunities for them and it's cheap entertainment.

The downside to these two bad habits are two fold: 1. That I can't NOT do them when the opportunity is presented, even when it's not appropriate or going to get me in trouble.

And 2. That I appear to be passing them on to my children.

So what is a 'twitterlin'?

It's a musical instrument.

Created by pulling a split hair taunt across a skunk's butt.

And meant to be played with the teeth.

So when I first Google searched 'twitterlin', I have to admit that it puts an entirely different meaning to the frequently listed 'Beyonce twitterlin'...

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