Sunday, October 9, 2011


I learned a new word tonight!

And it's the perfect word for the following memories:

When I was five or six, I remember being absolutely convinced that our heads (meaning our skulls) were full of hair.  Since our heads are only so big, they could only hold so much.  And the reason men went bald is that they were continually cutting their hair, getting closer and closer to the last of it, until one day, they emptied their head of hair and ran out.

About a year or two later, my sister and I were watching our mother shave her legs.  We were very excited and  looking forward to the day we would have hair on our legs...  We had a conversation about how we would be able to french braid it and put little bows in it, if we wanted to.

So did you figure out what 'Confabulation' means?

It's making up stories for what we don't know or don't remember, that we accept as facts.

And this is where I get a cookie for not taking a pot shot at the news media or the government.

(Okay, maybe I couldn't -completely- resist....)

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