Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I =love= 'The Princess Bride' !

Today, I saw the most wonderful image shared on facebook for the Princess Bride Reunion:

As I absolutely adore this movie, (It's in my top 2 favorites, right there with 'The Labyrinth'), it immediate sent me on a web search where I found 2 wonderful videos about the 24 year reunion.

There are SO many memorable and quotable moments in this movie!

I'd be inclined to subdivide 'Monsters' into "Shrieking Eels and R.O.U.S.es"
Speaking of R.O.U.S.es...

As the large yellow section in that first graph above can tell you,  there are a lot of kissing parts.

Well...there are a lot of kissing parts if you're a sick little boy or a tiny kitten, anyway.
While searching on the wonderful world wide web, I came across this original poster:

Because, really, who wants ho-hum fairytales?
I've also decided if I can't find this map, I'm, going to have to make myself one.

Heck, I might even need to make it a mural in one of my boy's rooms!
I have to admit, I was astounded by the sheer volume of entertaining graphs created by fans of this movie.

He -might- kill you if you have 5 fingers per hand, but 'Whoa, Buddy!' if you have 6 on your right, you're a goner!
Montoya is definitely one of my favorite characters (Okay, who am I kidding?  They're ALL my favorites!)  But Montoya gets all sorts of fun tributes.

And still more graphs (:

Ah, the witty repartee between Wesley and Montoya regarding masks!

They completely fail to take into account Iocane powder...
I would like to point out that response #3 leads -directly- to response #2...by your cowardly opposition!  Ha-HA!
Speaking of Pain:

While I was researching, I discovered that they made a video game!!

Now I just have to find it...since it came out in 2008.
After this post, I'm thinking my husband will be inclined to make me a shirt like this:

Okay, maybe -I- just really want it (;
Although there are a lot of AWESOME t-shirts for Princess Bride out there!

No, for my husband, I'll share this one:

Because he's an avid Star Wars fan...and this is gonna drive him nuts...and make me giggle ((:
When I saw this one, 

I was reminded that the Dothan Peanut Festival is right around the corner!

And for the final image:

I would completely play this game!
...Take a wild guess what I'm going to be watching with my little boys this evening.

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