Saturday, December 31, 2011

The 21st Century Eve

Our final assignment in painting this semester was based on any way that we wanted to interpret "transparency", as well as using any of the other techniques we learned.  Following on the heels of my previous piece where I reused things from my past, I decided to cannibalize one of the by products of last spring's art-- my Tree of Life and Knowledge.  Another of my class mates brought in an assortment of computer parts from her sculpture class.  Between them, the idea for "The 21st Century Eve" was born (:

I mounted the transparency of my tree onto plastic and put it on the frame.  Behind, I've painted a fig leaf.  The serpent is created from the computer pieces.  And Eve is taking a bite from an Apple (;

I love the way the snake's head developed.  And as you can tell, I've written the Bible story along the length of the snake's body, with key portions pulled out.

There's a mirror in that upper section to allow the viewer to further identify with the piece.

Generally pleased with the overall end result (:

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