Saturday, December 31, 2011

Feeling Like Santa

This year, Mr. Skaggs bought skateboards for his Subculture Art class to make their own.  He had enough, that others could purchase if we wanted to.  I decided to get two and make my little boys personalized Skate  boards for Christmas.

My oldest's favorite animal is the horse and his favorite color is red.  My youngest's favorite animal is the hedge hog and his favorite color is blue-- but I didn't want to make him a Sonic skateboard.  His second favorite animal is the lion.

I visited WarehouseSkateboard and learned everything I needed to know to get all the right pieces to turn these wooden decks into usable skateboards.

I liked that the boards were natural wood and wanted to maintain that.   Then I drew directly on them.

This is the bottom of my oldest's board.

This is the top.  I used clear grip tape so that the images would still be visible.

The bottom of my youngest's board.

And the top.
 I really did feel like Santa staying up late at night after the boys had gone to sleep so that they wouldn't catch me in the act of making of these.

They were both surprised and like their boards a lot (:  They've used them almost every day this week (:

I love how they're wearing opposite colors (;

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