Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do You Ever Just Look Around?

I do it all the time. I watch birds flying. Stop to watch lizards hiding in the flower beds....

I've stopped in the middle of lunch to play a quick pass on hopscotch when I noticed it on the sidewalk.

And on Thursday, after I walked down the stairs from my Oral Interpretation class from the third floor of GAB, I was headed out the door when I noticed the Terra Cotta Warrior replica that I always glance at on my way out had a note at his feet that wasn't there when I walked IN for my class an hour earlier.

So I stopped to see what it said. I took a picture of it, but all it turned out as is a large white screen, that actually had the following words written on it:

Here stand Robert
Beloved "terra cotta" statue.
He died from a tragic condition
known as foot hands.

He will be missed.


And so I looked where this funny person suggested, and you know what? Robert really does have hands that look like feet (:

And as I left, smiling at all of this, I wondered how many of my school mates who would be passing Robert would notice his name and obituary.