Monday, July 11, 2011


So we're watching Avatar the Last Air Bender, the animated series, the phone rings and my father pauses his Satelite recording so my son can bring the phone to my mother.  Then my father says, "I love modern technology!"  I said, "Yeah!  You can record any show you want."  And he said, "Yeah, but you can completely skip the commercials."

And I remembered when my oldest son was 3 and we moved to a new house.  See, previous to that, Mark and I didn't have cable.  We didn't watch enough television to bother having it, so he'd only watched dvd movies that we owned.  The first time he watched television on cable and a commercial came on, he said to me, "Momma... what is -that-?!?  I -don't- like them."

As I finished recounting the tale, my father laughed and asked if I remembered my own experience with seeing commercials for the first time.

When I was 12 and my family moved from Heidelberg, Germany, my sister and I spent an entire week skipping -shows- to watch the commercials between them (:

I still have memorized the first one I saw.  It's for Clorox Bleach.

Two dirty socks, oh my oh me! Lets wash this one in Clorox Bleach.  This dirty sock, lets take it home, and wash it too, in detergent alone.  Now look at these socks see what we mean?  There's only one way to get them Clorox clean!

Sang it and everything (;

It amuses me the variety of reactions available to seeing commercials, and modern technologies ability to render such reactions as obsolete (;